The Pumphouse

A look at our stylish office & manufacturing facilities at The Pumphouse

The Pumphouse forms part of what was originally a waterworks complex, part of which were built in the Egyptian Style and dating from 1860.

The Pumphouse itself is an amazing brick structure built around 1878 and converted from what was the original pumping engine house, attached to one side of which is a single storey, former boiler house.

Both buildings have been integrated to form Chord's stylish offices, assembly workshop and extensive listening rooms.

The Pumphouse was a steam powered technology centre for that period and is now home to some of the most advanced audio electronics research and development facilities in Europe.

The original site also included a bizarre chimney over 50 metres high, designed to resemble a giant obelisk, like Cleopatra's Needle.

Sadly, it was later demolished. Before the last century the waterworks site became famous for the part it played in local historical events.

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