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About Chord Electronics

Our working environment, staff, technology and facilities

Our Environment

Creating the ideal working environment is as important as crafting the perfect balance of sound. The same dedication and attention to detail that has gone into the development of all Chord products has been applied to the unique building that the company owns and operates from.

Known as 'The Pumphouse', it is idyllically located in rural Kent on the banks of the River Medway and is within easy reach of the M20, the main artery connecting London with the continent.

The company's sensitive working ethos has been extended to encompass every aspect of The Pumphouse, retaining the integrity of the original structure.

Even the colours chosen to decorate the building are derived from evidence of the building's original 19th century colour schemes.

Our Staff

Chord Electronics was founded in 1989 by John Franks who had previously held Directorships with Astec, the world leader in high frequency power supplies, Raytheon and AT&T.

A thorough mix of graduate level intellect, design experience and dedicated craft persons embody Chords production team, with our sales being achieved through a reputation of technical excellence, reliability and superb sound quality.

John Franks - Chief Executive / Senior Designer

Matt Bartlett - Production Manager

John Morley - Quality Assurance

Mark Dixon - Research and Development / Design

Our Technology

Years of research and innovation have been invested in the Chord range. From the outset, when Chord started applying the technologies that lifted products from the mainstream, the company has been leading the field.

With the watchwords of innovation and uncompromised audio quality, we have consistently invested our products with precision engineering and attention to detail.

This is as true for our professional products as the astonishing hi-fi portfolio that continually wins the hearts and minds of listeners and reviewers alike.

Dac Technology

Conventional Amplifier Design

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